Friday, January 4, 2013

A new years revolution

Christmas and the new year scuppered all my best intentions and plans of a festive Piking spree. I had thoughts of pre and post Christmas sessions, frost crunching underfoot, screaming runs and floats sliding away into the early morning mist. Needless to say, between decorations, lights, visiting family, extra shifts at work and a constant stream of TV never happened. Christmas Eve to New Years day just flew!
So today after a few quick calls a not very much planning a new year (revolt) visit to the river was on the cards.
Frank the Plasterer, Alan Burkie Burke, myself and the junior piker! Were enlisted.
The rough plan was to fish a secluded cut away from the main flow in the hope that some fish may have retreated to the quiet depths to ambush any shoals of prey fish that made an appearence. After some time in the cut things were looking bleak, the two lads groundbaited a swim and worked feeder rods whilst Alan and myself twitched lures and deadbaited..........the swim appeared void of fish.

After a lengthy debate (all of two minutes) a move was decided, upstream to the main river, just above the mouth of the cut.
RESULT! We were there less than an hour when Alan met up with two fish to static deadbaits in the space of twenty minutes. The first about 7 or 8lb a real scrapper, the second was good deal smaller. Two great fish none the less!

Alan saves us all from a blank!
Another brave jack comes to the bank.
 With our enthusiasm renewed we fished on but had no other takers. On a more curious note, the two lads on the feeder rods did bait up the new swim yet never met a fish! Where have the shoals gone?

 Thats it! The lines are wet again after the festive break. We're back out piking on the Barrow, welcome to 2013..........Watch this space.