Thursday, September 27, 2012

River Report

Thursday Sept 27th at 18:30

After the previous rise (see last post) the river is now on the drop. It has dropped 2 inches in the last 24 hours. Colour has reduced somewhat too, visibility to a couple of feet, medium to strong flow in the main channels.

In my (non expert) opinion the river is currently 13 to 19 inches above its minimum average summer levels, a good 2 to 3 feet below flood.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

River Report.

Wednesday Sept 26 at 15:30

The river has risen quickly in the last 48hrs. Its is now 14 inches higher than last week when it reached a "real" summer low (see some previous posts for reference). It is not in flood however it is very coloured, quite opaque, water visibility is poor.
The river is pushing through there is no froth or surface debris.

River Reports

As a part of the blog I've decided to include regular water level updates. This over a peroid of time I hope will build a better picture of the river and how it changes with the weather and seasons.

These reports may assist anglers in making a decision as to when might be the most suitable time to be at the river and as to the type of conditions to expect when they get there.

Nothing worse than getting to the river to find it out of sorts or even unfishable especially after a long pre dawn drive.

Please note that these will be "River" reports not "Fishing" reports. I will make observations on each visit to the river, noting the level, the amount of change in the level, the colour, flow and any other notes which may be of intertest. I will record the time and date of each report however there can be sudden changes in any system.

By doing this anglers will be able to couple this information with latest weather forecasts and can therefore make a more up to date and informed decision as to the viability of a session on the bank.

If you'd like receive all the River Barrow Reports and Updates why not follow my blog. I've added a "Follow River Barrow Piker" gadget at the bottom of the page. It would be great to have you along.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Scraping the bottom of the bait box.

The river remains at summer levels or at least very close to them and the water appears clearer than ever. How long this will last I don't know considering the forecast Met Eireann are giving for the coming week. In the meanwhile its a great time to be out doing some lure fishing to get the season under way. The recent drop in temperatures seems to have woken up the fish somewhat, they appear more willing to chase and investigate a decent flash and vibration in the water after their summer respite. I've been experimenting with a few swimbaits of late and must say I'm pleased with the results especially their versatility in the manner in which they can be fished. However I keep coming back to a couple of what you might call "old reliables". Call me old-fashioned but I find it hard to kick the habit of using some of the more traditional lures, the likes of a copper spoon or even the classic Abu Toby both have saved me from blanking on many occasions. The old saying  " if its not broke..... don't fix it" comes to mind. Here's a very recent lure caught Pike, fell to a copper Toby when he jumped out from under the bank just before the lure came out of the water! I love to get that last second smash on the line at such close quarters - puts the heart across me every time.

 With so many new lures on the market its often very easy to lose the plot. "One of these, one of those, yep need a red one, a sinker, a floater....." so on and so forth. I often wonder if many lure anglers are also avid lure collectors, do both go hand in hand or is there a point  when we have enough (can you ever have enough lures for the job). Personally I would try make sure to have a fairly complete and varied arsenal of lures ready to tempt the Pike under different conditions. I must admit though I'm impatient, I keep going through the lures until I find something they like and then fish with that. By doing this I've found that I now have what you might call a short list of "working lures" and I rotate these. Sometimes a lure will become relegated when the fish cease to respond to it and others will be promoted as it were. However the Pike can be most fickle whats hot today maybe completely useless tomorrow, thats quite often when I reach for the bottom of the bait box, break the routine and wet an old school retro lure! and they very often do the trick. Don't be too quick to dismiss some of those older lures, they may just surprise you next time out.

By the way don't forget to check the trebles and split rings if you do decide to dust off a few of those old lures. You may just meet an old school fish!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sink or SwimBait

The local tackle shop got a few new lures in the other week. Well if the truth be known they seem to have a never ending supply of "new lures" week after week to tempt you to part from your hard earned cash! I'm not a great believer in the adage "big lure-big fish" so it was normal for an average size lure to get my attention. A four piece jointed hard lure swimbait, the fact that it was well in the sub €10 category also helped. It turned out to be a Rapture Silent Shad Swimbait.

They come in slow sinking and floating 11.5cm and about 20gms with a decent treble hook. The action is great you can pretty much do anything with them, the Pike in my post below took it on the drop just after it hit the water and I've had others take it as it bounces off the bottom real slow. The Barrow Pike are impressed. For the moment anyway!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A morning Pike.

I had decided last night that quick trip to the river may be in order. I was curious to see the level and how clear it was running. It has slowly dropped over the last couple of weeks and has now reached its average "summer levels" having remained very high in July and August. Visability and clarity is now very good too its easy to see a lure at 5-6 feet depth.
All this coupled with overnight temps of 4-5 deg. and a brisk westerly wind prompted a rod and a few lures into the boot late last night.
I did the school run and a short drive later I was walking across the fields to my chosen swim. It was the first time out with a new rod and reel, (both of which will get a user review in the not to distant future) I was just getting the feel for things when my lure was hammered, there was a large boil in the water as what appeared to be a reasonable fish took the lure just under the surface, it went straight down, feeling through the braid it appeared to be chomping on the swimbait possibly trying to eject the supposed prey fish. Quite a fight ensued as the fish attempted the same chomping manoeuvre whilst jumping clear of the water (classic head shaking stuff) a number of times. Shortly after the white flag was raised and it came to the bank. A quick photo or two later and it was kicking its way back into the swim.

I fished the swim for another while but as is often the case on the Barrow, if you get one your as well to move on. I moved upstream to the back of a reed bed and it wasn't long before I got a knock but it was just that, as the fish came short plucking at the lure. I covered it a number of times but this one appeared shy!

It was getting late now the sun had climbed in the sky and it was getting warm, the fish had gone quiet. Time to retire for the day. I changed to a small spinnerbait and had a couple of last casts in narrow tree ridden channel. No fish-but what a great follow! just as the lure was coming out of the water there was a long golden green flash in the margin, a push of its tail and it retreated to the depths.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Familiar River Barrow signs

Please note there is a strict No Salmon or Sea Trout fishing policy currently in place on the River Barrow.

New Horizons

Pike season is almost upon us once again. As I write there is already a distinct nip in the air and Met Eireann have gone so far as to forecast a touch of  frost for tomorrow night. Maybe a false alarm but the fact remains that October is just 'round the corner.
I have decided (without giving the matter much thought) to start a blog as I have found it rather difficult to obtain up to date and relevant information on pike fishing on the River Barrow. This coupled with the fact I've found the transition from lake to river pike fishing to be quite trial and error!