Wednesday, September 26, 2012

River Reports

As a part of the blog I've decided to include regular water level updates. This over a peroid of time I hope will build a better picture of the river and how it changes with the weather and seasons.

These reports may assist anglers in making a decision as to when might be the most suitable time to be at the river and as to the type of conditions to expect when they get there.

Nothing worse than getting to the river to find it out of sorts or even unfishable especially after a long pre dawn drive.

Please note that these will be "River" reports not "Fishing" reports. I will make observations on each visit to the river, noting the level, the amount of change in the level, the colour, flow and any other notes which may be of intertest. I will record the time and date of each report however there can be sudden changes in any system.

By doing this anglers will be able to couple this information with latest weather forecasts and can therefore make a more up to date and informed decision as to the viability of a session on the bank.

If you'd like receive all the River Barrow Reports and Updates why not follow my blog. I've added a "Follow River Barrow Piker" gadget at the bottom of the page. It would be great to have you along.

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