Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sink or SwimBait

The local tackle shop got a few new lures in the other week. Well if the truth be known they seem to have a never ending supply of "new lures" week after week to tempt you to part from your hard earned cash! I'm not a great believer in the adage "big lure-big fish" so it was normal for an average size lure to get my attention. A four piece jointed hard lure swimbait, the fact that it was well in the sub €10 category also helped. It turned out to be a Rapture Silent Shad Swimbait.

They come in slow sinking and floating 11.5cm and about 20gms with a decent treble hook. The action is great you can pretty much do anything with them, the Pike in my post below took it on the drop just after it hit the water and I've had others take it as it bounces off the bottom real slow. The Barrow Pike are impressed. For the moment anyway!

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