Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The WaterWolf is coming to town.

Where do I start? In reality the last fortnight or so has been a complete wash out...... in more ways than one!

The river rose quickly after the rain and was up a good five feet, heavily coloured too. On top of that I caught the most miserable bug going, in short I felt like the proverbial "sh!t on a stick". You know your not well when you can't even be bothered spool up a new reel. So, there's been large amounts of sitting by the fire, drinking tea whilst cooking up endless plans on how to snare a Barrow monster.

On a lighter and more positive note the Ireland Angling Show 2013 is just around the corner, less than a month away. The weekend of Febuary 16th and 17th to be precise at the National Show Centre, Swords, Co. Dublin. It promises to be a great weekend, almost as good as fishing itself! A chance to restock or upgrade some gear, maybe bump into a few old riverbank friends or just wander around window shopping the latest (must have) items that the industry reckons we can't do without.

If you make it to the show try and take a moment to check out the WaterWolf Lures Stand and meet Mark  "Archie" Andrews.
Mark "Archie" Andrews of WaterWolf Lures.

Archie as he is better known, owns "WaterWolf Lures" He's also a Middy 30 Plus consultant  and a regular contributor to regional PAC talks in the UK. His fishing from bank and boat has seen him all over Europe, the U.S.  and New Zealand from big wild waters to off the beaten track venues is search of Pike, Bass, Giant Eels and even Carp. Archie has a great range of lures, is very helpful, informative and a great man for a few tips which may just help increase the catch rate.

The junior piker and myself have been using some of the WaterWolf range since last summer and the results have been great, the Barrow pike can't get enough of Archie's swimbaits. He was only telling me the other day that he's got some new stock ready for the Dublin show and a few surprises too!

WaterWolf range of Pike floats.
WaterWolf hard swimbaits & large soft plastics.
Right, thats it.... I'm off. All the talk has got the better of me. I'll be back on the Barrow tomorrow even if its snowing!

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