Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Roving Rovex

With my son's 10th birthday looming last week, I had to get myself into "responsible father mode" so without hesitation I beat a path to the local tackle shop. He's only started fishing this year I originally set him up with a cheap and cheerful junior kit (a seven foot telescopic), line, reel, a few lures and sundries. He's done really well and appears more than keen, in fact he loves it. Looks like I've just found a new fishing partner.

I figured he needed something with a little more "poke" as it were! as he's been wanting to throw some heavier lures for a while now. I also felt he needed some extra rod length , the riverbank can be quite high in places, getting the lure out of the margin and over the bank can prove quite difficult for a short lad with a short rod. I settled on a Rovex Lure Pro 9 footer its got a very light carbon blank, ceramic guides and it can  throw 25-50gms lures effortlessly. All this for €25, I was quids in! If the truth be known I wish I'd bought it for myself  but I did notice they also do a 10ft version which will throw up to 60gms. Food for thought there.

A few new lures in the box and this boy is ready to take on the autumn pike in another after school riverbank adventure. 

We went lure fishing for a few hours late Sunday afternoon to wet the new rod, we fished till dusk but the pike did not entertain, we both blanked. Such is life HAPPY BIRTHDAY old boy'

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