Thursday, November 15, 2012

One hour......One Pike

I've had a few trips to the river over the last couple of weeks and have also had the oppertunity to fish one or two new spots. One 3 hour session on the bank in Carlow town with my friend Sully proved good with three fish to the bank, two on deads and one to a swimbait lure. Nothing of any great size though 3lb-6lb.
Another short session just south of the town delivered two small fish, again one to a deadbait and the other on a lure.
I was out of action for a while with a dose of the flu and then work took over too. So it wasn't until today that I ventured out to one of my usual haunts. I was sitting around the house but it was such a fine morning I couldn't resist a quick session. I figured an hour would be long enough to see if there were any fish holding in this particular swim.
It was almost lunchtime when I got there, so I had one hour before I'd have to go on the school run. The river is up a little but having said that it is currently dropping, flow is moderate with some colour. The fact that I was only out for a short time I just brought one rod and a couple of likely lures.

I started off with a SG swimbait, it was quite sunny, the lure gave off a lot of flash I was feeling optimistic but after 30 mins nothing had happened. Time for a lure change, I went over to a Bulldawg type lure and fished it real slow letting it bounce off the bottom occaisionally catching some weed on its way.

This did the trick! must have been the third or fourth cast when it was taken gently, I initially thought I was scraping the lure off the bottom again but then the fun began. Not a massive fish but he gave a good account of himself. Its amazing what a simple lure change can do! With the large silver swimbait the water appeared to be void of fish, yet covering the exact same water with the Bulldawg an almost immediate result was achieved.
One hour, two lures, one Pike.................Result!

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