Monday, September 15, 2014

Its Crystal Clear...

No! Its not one of those iffy pop up internet windows on your super mega hi-speed wireless broadband connection... A bit like the dreaded RTE autumn schedule for what its worth. Its me - I'm back.

I've never been one for summer on the river and even now personally I feel its very early to be out piking but I couldn't resist, needs must an' all that. There had been a slight nip in the air over the last few evenings and the nights were starting to draw in just a tad so I thought hung for a sheep as a lamb. Better than a poke in the eye with a size 6. Lets go down the river!

If the truth be known the junior piker and myself did do a little wandering along the banks this summer but it was more therapeutic "leisure angling" (is there such a thing?). The type of day you bring a rod with you, at least then you have an excuse to look into the reflective glare of the Barrow as the nettles singe you to the armpits. These summer excursions resulted in the usual mixed bag that the Barrow has to offer and a couple of reasonable Perch.

So fast forward to yesterday.... There we were on the river, a fine autumn evening (could have still been easily mistaken for the height of the summer). The difference was, I had a serious hankering for a fish. I was looking for that rush that only a well cheesed of Barrow Pike can deliver. I was in hunter mode.

After a bit of the obligatory farting about and head scratching we settled on our first swim. The junoir piker had a bit of a coup, he met up with a shoal of striped warriors, cast for cast he caught and a few half decent ones too. The Pike however remained well under the radar, they were having none of it. I was getting despondent. I worked my way through a few different lures, the same time trying all levels of the water colum. Then things started to come together, I got a follow from what I reckon to be a beautiful low double. I threw the lure again, the fish came a second time, grabbed the lure but spat it it out equally as quick. I covered it again, nothing. The fish was gone but it was well cool to be able to watch the antics through the crystal clear water as I attempted to taunt the fish to make a solid take.

Reluctantly I moved on to another swim and immediately met a tiny jack, this fish was only learning the finer art of "the take" he missed my lure three or four times before running scared. One last swim to try before home and it was a new one. Second cast, the lure was wobbling, making its way to the margin. Then, Ka-Boom! What a take, hammered, nailed, call it what you will. The Barrow Pike never cease to impress me. That was some rush, I got my fix!

Oh yeah! One more thing. Here's the video for this post...

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